Jumping, Jungles, & Jellyfish

“J” week went by in a whirlwind, as I am quickly realizing all our weeks will be moving forward.

Introduction of “J”

I really try to get Em to learn a little bit rather than just do fun activities. I traced out the letter “J” and helped Em trace over it. She has gotten very independent and decided she would rather scribble over it than actually trace it, but it still counts. Soon after these pictures she ended up drawing on that lovely placemat as well. Oooops. I also had some jazz music going in the background while we did free play or had lunch. It was fun to incorporate some “adult” music into our day to day activities.



Chris was really into juggling as a kid and still had quite a few tricks up his sleeve so we were glad that a long weekend gave us some extra time with him home to show us the ropes. We invited some friends around the neighborhood to join us for a fun juggling lesson. Chris balled up some socks and after a quick demonstration, we all gave it a try. We started by trying to juggle tissues just to get the rhythm and muscle memory down before moving onto the sock balls. The kids enjoyed being allowed to throw things in the house, and actually seemed entertained for around half an hour or so. The rest of the week did mean finding random balled up socks throughout the house, but it was encouraging to know that one of our adventures made an impact.juggling



We are so lucky to have such awesome friends and neighbors who are doing LoWs with us. We woke up one morning and the kids just needed to burn energy. Luckily, they had a bounce house and the weather was perfect for a morning of jumping and jiggling. This lead to an amazing nap time and helped to check off another activity, as well as some physical education. Gotta love the simplicity of a bounce house.


Jumping in the fun bounce house!

Jellyfish & Aquarium

We had so much fun meeting up with friends at the local aquarium on Tuesday! We were on the hunt for any and all things that started with a “J,” while also trying to beat the mid morning meltdown with 3 toddlers and an infant. While we were on our way to the jellyfish exhibit, we found this awesome little room that was decorated like a jungle with a few small lizards and frogs. We were lucky enough to get there right before a “meet the insects” session got started. I decided to keep my distance, but Em and the other toddlers loved getting up close and personal with some fun critters.


Touching some creepy insects and loving it.

Our favorite part of the aquarium is always the giant tunnel tank that you get to walk through. Our entire group was in awe of all of the sharks and exciting salt water fish. This was one exhibit that all of the kids actually stood still and paid attention. We spent about fifteen minutes hanging out in the tunnel before needing to make a mad dash to find the closest restroom for a quick bathroom break.


We loved seeing the tunnel tank.

After our bathroom break, we were able finally make it to the jellyfish exhibit. It didn’t disappoint. We enjoyed hanging out and watching them just float around for awhile. It was getting pretty close to nap time, so we grabbed a few quick pictures and then headed home.Jellyfishsights

After our fun trip, Em kept talking about the “juhfissssh.” We had seen some fun decorations at the aquarium and I decided we would try to recreate it.


These are the paper lantern jellyfish we had seen at the aquarium.

Having a 19 month old try to glue ribbons to a paper lantern was a little harder than I had anticipated but it (semi) worked for us. I found the paper lantern and fun ocean plastic table cloth to use as a backdrop at Dollar Tree. The lamp was supposed to light up and I had planned on using it as a little night light in Em’s room, but of course I didn’t try it out until after we had already glued things to it and it didn’t work. That’s ok though, because Em still loved having it hang in the kitchen for the rest of the week.



Our version wasn’t as professional looking, but Em enjoyed it just as much.

Jungle Jamboree

On Thursday we spent the morning getting ready to have all of our friends come over and jam out with us. I spent quite awhile cutting out out these paper leaves, but the final effect made it totally worth it.

jungle set up

Our Jungle Jamboree decorations before the party.

I had found some fun plastic whistles in the shapes of saxophones and flutes in the party favor section at Walmart and Dollar Tree to let the kids use during our fun jungle and “J” songs. I also already had a bunch of musical instruments, so I pulled those out and boy did the kids have fun. I’m sure that the parents were very excited that the whistles got to leave with the kids. I only felt a little bad about that after the fact. We had planned to do a paper chain snake craft and some fun “J” worksheets but the kids were all so happy just playing, that I packed up the crafts and sent them home. I found this super cute printable and had planned on printing the monkeys out to wrap around some bananas a sweet mama had brought, but the construction paper didn’t fit in my printer. So I spent far too long using a light table and tracing the monkeys onto the construction paper, but they were a crowd pleaser. Em enjoyed the decorations so much that I figured we would leave them up for a few more days before pulling them all down.jjam


This weekend we plan on hitting up a fun local park that has jets for kids to explore. I also had picked up some little plastic jets in my favorite party favor section and plan on doing a sensory activity outside by covering the jets in shaving cream and letting Em wash them off. She loves getting messy and the weather should hold out so that we can get some fun outdoor activities in during the weekend.

Review Week

As I was getting ready to start planning  out next week, I decided that we could really use a review week. I have kept us extra busy the last few weeks and we are all feeling a little run down. We also have some great friends from back home coming to visit, so it will give us a little extra time to enjoy them. Hopefully it will also give me time to start blogging about our LoW activities before the blog started. Here is to hoping for a very productive couple of evenings. There will still be a post next week, but it will be over review activities rather than starting “K” week.


Have you been joining us for LoWs? How has it been going? We would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Jumping, Jungles, & Jellyfish

  1. Bexer says:

    I look forward to your posts every week! You have motivated me to start over (once I’m done work in a few weeks) and really get into it! I can’t wait for more ideas and to create our own LoW adventures!


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